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I’m undergoing a Internet Rehab project here….

 If you stumble upon this site, you may wonder what the Hecks going on. I’m really working on learning the word press so that I can have a much better presence on the web. With my podcast, media, in writing, I decided that there is something that I can do better than what I was doing before. Which was, using packaged online services. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, I realized, to really create the experience that I want on my websites, I really needed to dig in and be the person who is designing and building the sites.
That’s why, in the short-term, Brian is going to look a little weird. Because I’m playing around with some of the plug-ins, styles, themes, and other customization that word press allows a website builders use. I figured, what better place to play around with these, going on my namesake website. I’m working with stuff that builds feeds, pulls over Instagram feeds, does other fun stuff at RSS. It does all kinds of interesting, fun stuff.
For instance, right now I’m dictating this to Evernote, while I’m driving, and it types it up. This will sync with blog go where I can post later exactly what I was thinking. One of the hard things for me is coming up with post in a timely manner.  What I really want to use this site for, is a launch point to the various different projects I’m working on. So as I get this design stuff together, you can come to Brian, and find all the other stuff I’m working on somewhere on the web. Stubby crossposted, and link back to Wright from here. So if you can’t remember what the heck is the name of that podcast you doing Brian? Come you can always just come to Brian and find a link to it right here. So if you remember me – you can remember how to get to those other weird things on the web that you’re not that into. 🙂

Some of the Links to my other projects online are: – Pencils Down! The 100 Days of the Writers Guild Strike – Official Documentary Website – The Rendezvous Show

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